Bob Sauve
aaaaa 1987-89 New Jersey Devils Game Worn Road Jersey
Player: Bob Sauve
Team: New Jersey Devils_______Style: Road Jersey
Manufacturer: CCM ______Material: Mesh
Tagging: Gerry Cosby tag in neck
Year: 1987-89 _______Set: n/a_______Size: n/a
Patches: none
Acquired From: Meigray, team documents
Photomatched: No
Description: This jersey displays very nice wear with several very dark marks across the front. The sleeves have been custom shortened about 2". The nameplate is an airknit material and goes the full width of the back of the jersey. This jersey came from Meigray and has a letter from the Devils authenticating it as game worn by Sauve. The letter states that this jersey was part of a set of 16 jerseys that the team could not identify exactly when they were worn. With the nice wear, I should be able to photomatch it.
1980 Vezina Trophy Winner