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The Vezina Collection Thank you for visiting my site.  I have listed here the jerseys which are currently in my personal collection. Please note that I am not a dealer, just a collector happy to share my collection with those interested. If there something here that really interests you, then feel free to make me an offer, but in general the only way something will leave my collection is in a trade for something I want more. If you have a jersey in which you think I might be interested, please feel free to send me an email.  I collect primarily NHL goalie jerseys, but I am alway looking for unique items and jersey styles.  
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Jerseys by Player <img src="index/img003.jpg"> Wayne Gretzky wg helmet Wayne Gretzky tretiak Vladislav Tretiak  
1991 Canada Cup Early 90's L.A. Kings 1970-74 CCCP
Wayne Gretzky Road Jersey Road Helmet Home Jersey
John Vanbiesbrouck Labbat Patch
Vladislav Tretiak
Mike Richter beezer cc John Vanbiesbrouck beezer nyr road John Vanbiesbrouck beerzer nyr John Vanbiesbrouck
Patrick Roy 1987 Canada Cup 1989-90 New York Rangers 1990-91 New York Rangers
Martin Brodeur Home Jersey Road Jersey Home Jersey
Dominic Hasek
Glenn Hall
Johnny Bower beezer tbtc John Vanbiesbrouck beezer nyr 92 John Vanbiesbrouck beezer as John Vanbiesbrouck
Andy Aitkenhead 1991-92 New York Rangers 1992-93 New York Rangers 1994 All Star Jersey
Gerry Cheevers TBTC Jersey Home Jersey Eastern Conference
Rogie Vachon NHL 75th patch 100th Anniv. S.C. MSG A.S. Patches
Billy Smith
Pelle Lindbergh beezer fl John Vanbiesbrouck beezer scf John Vanbiesbrouck beezer mask John Vanbiesbrouck
Eddie Johnston 1993-94 Florida Panthers 1996 Florida Panthers Florida Panthers
Grant Fuhr Road Jersey Road Jersey GI Mask
Andy Moog Stanley Cup Finals
Bill Ranford
Ed Belfour beezer isles John Vanbiesbrouck beezer njd r John Vanbiesbrouck beezer njd h John Vanbiesbrouck
Curtis Joseph 2000-01 New York Islanders 2001-02 New Jersey Devils 2001-02 New Jersey Devils
Tom Barrasso Road Jersey Road Jersey Home Jersey
Ron Hextall Set 2 Set 3
Richard Brodeur
Bunny Larocque richter cage Mike Richter richter 93 Mike Richter richter wtc Mike Richter
Richard Sevigny 1989-90 New York Rangers 1993-94 New York Rangers 2001-02 New York Rangers
Ernie Wakely Rookie Mask Road Jersey Home Jersey
Doug Favell All-Star Patch WTC Ribbon Patch
Don Edwards
Denis Herron roy Patrick Roy hasek Dominic Hasek brodeur Martin Brodeur
John Garrett 1993-94 Montreal Canadiens 1993-94 Buffalo Sabres 1995-96 New Jersey Devils
Pete Peeters Road Jersey Road Jersey Home Jersey
Mike Liut Set 1
Gary Bromley
Paul Hoganson wg cc Glenn Hall bower Johnny Bower aitkenhead Andy Aitkenhead
Olaf Kolzig 1966-67 Chicago Blackhawks 1957-58 Cleveland Barons 1932-35 Portland Buckaroos
J.S. Giguere Home Jersey White Jersey Orange Jersey
Sean Burke
Roberto Luongo
Felix Potvin cheevers Gerry Cheevers wg cc Rogie Vachon wg cc Eddie Johnston
Marty Turco 1972-73 Cleveland Crusaders 1972-73 Los Angeles Kings Early 1960's Boston Bruins
Patrick Lalime Road Jersey Road Jersey Road Jersey
Jocelyn Thibault
Jose Theodore
Chris Osgood smith Billy Smith wg cc Pelle Lindbergh johnston Eddie Johnston
Dan Cloutier 1986-87 New York Islanders 1984-85 Philadelphia Flyers 1974-75 St. Louis Blues
Marc Denis Road Jersey Home Jersey Home Jersey
Tomas Vokoun
Roman Turek
Dan Blackburn wg cc Grant Fuhr wg cc Grant Fuhr wg cc Andy Moog
Jon Casey 1992-93 Toronto Maple Leafs 1993-94 Buffalo Sabres 1984-85 Edmonton Oilers
Craig Billington Home Jersey Game Worn Mask Road Jersey
Glen Healy 100th Anniv. S.C.
Mike Vernon
Kirk McLean ranford Bill Ranford casey Jon Casey racicot Andre Racicot
Don Beaupre 1989 Edmonton Oilers 1990 North Stars 1993 Montreal Canadiens
Jim Carey Home Jersey Home Jersey Road Jersey
Brian Hayward Stanley Cup Finals Stanley Cup Finals Stanley Cup Finals
Glen Hanlon
Bob Froese ranford Bill Ranford casey Jon Casey racicot Andre Racicot
Greg Millen 1998-99 Tampa Bay Lightning 1992-93 North Stars 1991-92 Montreal Canadiens
Kelly Hrudey Road Jersey Road Jersey TBTC Jersey
Guy Hebert All-Star Patch Set 4, 100th Anniv. S.C. NHL 75th patch
Steve Weeks
Wade Flaherty belfour Ed Belfour cujo Curtis Joseph barrasso Tom Barrasso
Jimmy Waite 1995-96 Chicago Blackhawks 1991-92 St. Louis Blues 1992-93 Pittsburgh Penguins
Mark Fitzpatrick Road Jersey Road Jersey Home Jersey
Tommy Soderstrom Set 1 Blues 25th, NHL 75th patches 100th Anniv. S.C.
Andre Racicot
Stephane Fiset kolzig Olaf Kolzig wg cc Mike Liut wg cc Jim Carey
J.C. Bergeron 1996-97 Washington Capitals 1991-92 Washington Capitals 1994-95 Washington Capitals
Miko Noronen Home Jersey Home Jersey Road Jersey
Jamie Storr J & B Patch NHL 75th patch
Ty Conklin
John Blue giggy J.S. Giguere wg cc J.S. Giguere wg cc Roman Turek
Damian Rhodes 2000-01 Mighty Ducks Halifax Mooseheads 2004 Calgary Flames
Kay Whitmore Road Jersey Game Worn Mask Home Jersey
Dominic Roussel Stanley Cup Finals
Danny Bowie
Damian Zunino wg cc Steve Shields wg cc Trevor Kidd wg cc Roman Turek
Brian Leetch 2000-01 San Jose Sharks 1995 Calgary Flames 2004 Calgary Flames
Adam Graves Game Worn Mask Game Worn Mask Road Jersey
  Stanley Cup Finals
Masks by Player
wg cc Richard Brodeur wg cc John Garrett wg cc Kirk McLean
Dave Dryden 1982-84 Vancouver Canucks 1982-84 Vancouver Canucks 1986-87 Vancouver Canucks
John Vanbiesbrouck Road Jersey Home Jersey Road Jersey
Grant Fuhr
Mike Richter
J.S. Giguere wg cc Ernie Wakely wg cc Doug Favell wg cc Don Edwards
Curtis Joseph 1970-71 St. Louis Blues 1977-78 Colorado Rockies 1984-85 Calgary Flames
Roman Turek Road Jersey Home Jersey Road Jersey
Steve Shields
Trevor Kidd
Fred Braithwaite wg cc Michel 'Bunny' Larocque wg cc Richard Sevigny wg cc Denis Herron
Ray LeBlanc 1982-83 Toronto Maple Leafs 1981-82 Montreal Canadiens 1982-83 Pittsburgh Penguins
Groton School Home Jersey Road Jersey Sunday Jersey
wg cc Paul Hoganson wg cc Gary Bromley wg cc Dave Dryden
John Vanbiesbrouck 1973-74 Indianapolis Racers 1976-77 Calgary Cowboys 1974-75 Chicago Cougars
Wayne Gretzky UDA Home Jersey Home Jersey Game Worn Mask
Brett Hull
Memorabilia hextall Ron Hextall peeters Pete Peeters peeters Pete Peeters
1996-97 Philadelphia Flyers 1989-90 Philadelphia Flyers 1986-87 Washington Capitals
Stadium Seats Road Jersey Road Jersey Road Jersey
Detroit Olympia
Maple Leafs Garden
Montreal Forum wg cc Greg Millen weeks Steve Weeks fitz Mark Fitzpatrick
Chicago Stadium 1987-88 St. Louis Blues 1991-92 Los Angeles Kings 1999-00 Carolina Hurricanes
Boston Garden Home Jersey Home Jersey Road Jersey
Madison Sq. Garden Plager & 8 patches Kings 25th, NHL 75th patches NHL 2K, Raleigh, 3 patches
Gretzky Helmet luongo Roberto Luongo waite Jimmy Waite burke Sean Burke
Leetch Equip. Bag 2002-03 Florida Panthers 1994-95 San Jose Sharks 1997-98 Vancouver Canucks
Higgins mask Road Jersey Road Jersey Home Jersey
Unknown Mask All-Star Patch All-Star Patch All-Star Patch
Richter Mask
Replicas healy Glenn Healy osgood Chris Osgood burke Sean Burke
Bobby Orr 1999-00 Toronto Maple Leafs 1996-97 Detroit Red Wings 1995-96 Hartford Whalers
Rod Brind'Amour Home Jersey Home Jersey Home Jersey
Teemu Selanne All-Star Patch, NHL 2K Believe Patch, Set 1
Cleveland Barons
  whitmore Kay Whitmore beaupre Don Beaupre fiset Stephane Fiset
  1994-95 Vancouver Canucks 1996-97 Toronto Maple Leafs 1994-95 Quebec Nordiques
  Road Jersey Heritage Jersey Home Jersey
  Canucks 25th Patch
  hebert Guy Hebert vernon Mike Vernon hrudey Kelly Hrudey
  1992-93 St. Louis Blues 1993-94 Calgary Flames 1989-90 Los Angeles Kings
  Home Jersey Road Jersey Home Jersey
  100th Anniv. S.C.
  healy Glenn Healy cloutier Dan Cloutier froese Bob Froese
  1996-97 New York Rangers 1998-99 New York Rangers 1988-89 New York Rangers
  Liberty Jersey White Liberty Jersey Road Jersey
  hanlon Glenn Hanlon mclean Kirk McLean leetch Brian Leetch
  1982-83 New York Rangers 1999-00 New York Rangers 2002-03 New York Rangers
  Home Jersey Road Jersey Home Jersey
  HHOF, NHL 2K Patches "A"
  blackburn Dan Blackburn potvin Felix Potvin graves Adam Graves
  2001-02 Kootenay Ice 1992-93 Toronto Maple Leafs 1995-96 New York Rangers
  Home Jersey Road Jersey Road Jersey
  100th Anniv. S.C. "C"
  hayward Brian Hayward flaherty Wade Flaherty billington Craig Billington
  1986-87 Winnipeg Jets 1991-92 San Jose Sharks 1985-86 New Jersey Devils
  Road Jersey Road Jersey Road Jersey
  NHL 75th patch
  theodore Jose Theodore turco Marty Turco lalime Patrick Lalime
  1996-97 Fredericton Canadiens 2002-03 Dallas Stars 2000-01 Ottawa Senators
  Home Jersey Home Jersey Alternate Jersey
  Dodge Patch
  blue John Blue thibault Jocelyn Thibault vokoun Tomas Vokoun
  1995-96 Providence Bruins 2001-02 Chicago Blackhawks 1999-00 Nashville Predators
  Home Jersey Home Jersey Home Jersey
  All-Star Patch Hawks 75th Patch NHL 2K
  mclean Kirk McLean billington Craig Billington denis Marc Denis
  1995-96 Vancouver Canucks 1995-96 Boston Bruins 1999-00 Colorado Avalanche
  Alternate Jersey Alternate Jersey Home Jersey
  NHL 2K
  hebert Guy Hebert roussel Dominic Roussel barrasso Tom Barrasso
  1999-00 Mighty Ducks 1999-00 Mighty Ducks 1999-00 Ottawa Senators
  Home Jersey Road Jersey Road Jersey
  soderstrom Tommy Soderstrom j.c. J.C. Bergeron conklin Ty Conklin
  1993-94 Philadelphia Flyers 1992-93 Tampa Bay Lightning 2003-04 Edmonton Oilers
  Home Jersey Road Jersey Home Jersey
  100th Anniv. S.C. Oilers 25th Patch
  rhodes Damian Rhodes noronen Miko Noronen storr Jamie Storr
  1995-96 Ottawa Senators 2001-02 Buffalo Sabres 2000-01 Los Angeles Kings
  Home Jersey Home Jersey Home Jersey
  Smitty Patch
  leblanc Ray LeBlanc brathwaite Fred Brathwaite cujo Curtis Joseph
  1995-96 US National Team 1995-96 Edmonton Oilers Late 1990's Edmonton Oilers
  Game Worn Mask Game Worn Mask Test Mask
  zunino Damian Zunino richter Mike Richter zunino Damian Zunino
  1992-96 Groton School Mid 90's New York Rangers 1996-00 Williams College
  Game Worn Mask Game Mask Road Jersey
  bowie Danny Bowie zunino Damian Zunino zunino Damian Zunino
  1999-00 Moncton Wildcats 1996-99 Williams College 1999-00 Williams College
  Road Jersey Home Jersey Home Jersey
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