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I have listed here the jerseys which are currently in my collection.
I collect primarily NHL goalie jerseys, but I am alway looking for unique items and jersey styles.
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Wayne Gretzky

This is Wayne Gretzky's 1991 Canada Cup red jersey. The jersey is size 54, made by CCM, has the fight strap cut out. The front left shoulder has the CC Labatt Blue patch. The jerseys is double tagged at the bottom hem, and there is velcro sewn into the left hem. The jersey shows light wear, with a handful of stick marks. There are about 6 tape markings visible on the jersey. There is one on the front right shoulder which is visible in the picture. The lower arms each have markings, and there is nice mark from a hook along the waist/ rib area on the right side. This jersey was purchased from Milt Byron.
Also, a trademark Gretzky helmet from his time with the Kings. This black lid has the Kings stickers on either side, and 99 on the back. It can be matched to a photo I got with the helmet. It was purchased from Meigray.
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Vladislav Tretiak

This is Tretiak's jersey that he wore from 1972-74. There are countless repairs throughout the jersey which are done with rope. There are slits up the hem on either side that run up about 2 inches, which are bound on the edges is in the same rope as the repairs. This jersey was purchased from Brad Moore at Fairmore Sports.
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Here is my list. Click on the player's name to see pictures and descriptions for the jerseys of that player. The jerseys I have are listed below the players name.

John Vanbiesbrouck

  • 87 home CC S&K
  • 91-92 tbc Rangers, Meigray
  • 92-93 home Rangers, Meigray
  • 93-94 road Panthers, Christian Sportscards
  • NEW 96 SCF road Panthers, Indirectly from Beezer
  • Panthers game issued mask, team auction
  • 98-99 home Flyers, Milt Byron
  • 98-99 road Flyers, Milt Byron
  • 98-99 alt Flyers, Meigray

    Curtis Joseph

  • 91-92 home Blues, Christian Sportscards
  • Oilers Itech test mask, Meigray

    Eddie Belfour

  • 95-96 road 2nd set Blackhawks, team letter

    Billy Smith

  • l80's road Islanders, Fairmore

    Martin Brodeur

  • 93-94 road Devils, F.Perrone, originally Drop the Gloves

    Patrick Roy

  • 93-94 road Canadiens, R.Garland

    Dominic Hasek

  • 93-94 road Sabres, old style, Meigray

    NEW Andy Moog

  • 84-85 road Oilers, Meigray

    Mike Richter

  • 99-00 home Rangers, Meigray
  • Rangers Liberty Mask, indirectly from Richter.
  • rookie Rangers cage, Milt Byron

    Guy Hebert

  • 92-93 road Blues, Meigray
  • 99-00 home Ducks, team auction

    Felix Potvin

  • 92-93 road Leafs, Milt Byron
  • Leafs mask, Milt Byron

    NEW Tom Barrasso

  • 92-93 home Penguins, Top Shelf Collectibles

    Ron Hextall

  • 96-97 road Flyers, Milt Byron
  • Flyers black pants

    Mike Liut

  • 91-92 home Capitals, old style, Milt Byron

    Mike Vernon

  • 93-94 road Flames, Detroit Hockey Company

    NEW Gary Bromley

  • 76-77 home WHA Calgary Cowboys, Brad Moore

    Don Beaupre

  • 96-97 heritage Leafs, team letter

    Craig Billington

  • 86-87 road Devils, Meigray
  • Senators blocker, Milt Byron

    Glen Healy

  • 96-97 blue Liberty Rangers, Meigray

    Chris Terreri

  • 93-94 road Sharks, team letter

    Mark Fitzpatrick

  • 93-94 road Panthers, Milt - Traded

    Kirk McLean

  • 86-87 road Canucks, Selby @ the Penalty Box

    NEW Ivan Boldirev

  • 82-83 road Canucks, Nick Virus

    Darren Puppa

  • 86-87 home 1st set Sabres, Pat Lelliott

    Damian Rhodes

  • 95-96 home Senators, team letter

    Chico Resch

  • 86-87 home Flyers, Meigray

    Bill Ranford

  • 89-90 home Oilers, Meigray

    Kelly Hrudey

  • 89-90 home Kings, Jordan Yuder

    Dominic Roussel

  • 98-99 road Ducks, team auction

    Thomas Vokoun

  • 99-00 home Predators, Detroit Hockey Company

    Patrick Lalime

  • 98-99 road alt. Ducks, TI, team auction

    Kay Whitmore

  • 94-95 home Canucks, Team

    Gilles Gilbert

  • Bruins mask

    Ray LeBlanc

  • USA mask, Milt Byron


    Marc Denis
  • 96-97 Hersey Bears, AHL, road

    Danny Bowie

  • Mongton Wildcats, QMJHL, road - team letter


  • Montreal Forum Seat
  • Boston Garden Seat
  • Brian Leetch Equipment Bag
  • Goalie mask, possible WHA
  • Wayne Gretzky autographed stick, UDA
  • Brett Hull game used stick, Milt Byron

    Damian Zunino

  • 96-99 home Williams College team
  • 96-00 road Williams College team
  • Groton School mask

    Cleveland Barons replica

  • road Smith #5

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