Eddie Giacomin
aaaaa 1973 NHL All-Star Game Worn Jersey
Player: Eddie Giacomin
Team: NHL All-Star_______Style: White Jersey
Manufacturer: Gerry Cosby_______Material: Durene
Tagging: Cosby's and care tag with size in neck
Year: 1973 _______Set: N/A_______Size: 50
Patches: none
Acquired From: sold on eBay by B&E Collectibles for Giacomin
Photomatched: No
Description: Amazing game worn NHL All-Star jersey from Rangers great Eddie Giacomin. This was Giacomin's last all star game and it was played at Madison Square Garden. There is evidence of a change to the name with slight, and I orginally thought this jersey was a recycled Dryden jersey from the previous year, however they wore a diiferent style in 1972. With some help from Raifie Bass, we discovered that Dryden was picked to play in the game, but couldn't play because of back spasms, thus Giacomin took his place. Therefore, this jersey was prepared for Ken Dryden but then changed to a Giacomin when Dryden pulled out . I think this history really enhances the character of the jersey. Amazing jersey from one of the best Rangers of all time.
1971 Vezina Trophy Winner