John Vanbiesbrouck, continued

1998-99 Flyers home jersey This jersey is from Beezer's first year with the Flyers and is a size 52G. It shows very nice use, with plenty of puck and stick marks. The sleeves have elastic in the cuffs. On the body, to the left and below the crest is very nice pilling. This is evident on all recent Beezer jerseys and is due to the rubbing from his right pad. I recently photo matched the jersey to an 8x10 photo, note the puck mark above the crest. This jersey came from Milt Byron and has his letter.

1998-99 Flyers road jersey This jersey is similar to the home one in that it has the the pilling on the body below the crest, elastic in the sleeves, is size 52G, and has good use. This jersey has small triangular inserts of fabric sewn into the hem on either side. They run about 3 inches up the sides. On the front and to the right of the crest is a huge series on repairs. The initial tear in this area came from opening night of the season, against the Rangers. It was visible all the way from the 400 level seats at the opposite end, where I was perched. Beezer shutout the Rangers, 1-0, just for the record. This jersey is from Milt Byron and came with his letter.

1998-99 Flyers alternate jersey This jersey has the same elastic cuffs, and pilling on the body. The wear is lighter than the others, being an alternate jersey and the body is black. There are a couple puck marks visible on the white shoulders and tops of the sleeves. Midway through the season he switched to this size 58G. This jersey came from Milt Byron.

2000-01 Islanders road jersey This road jersey is from Beezer's final full season in the NHL. The jersey shows great use with many puck marks visible, and has nice pilling in the neck. Like all recent Beezer jerseys, it has the elastic cuffs. It is photo matched to several 8x10 photos, most notably a puck mark on the 3 on the sleeve and a mark on the crest. I actually had the photos before I had the jersey and when it came out of that Meigray box it matched up perfectly. This jersey came from Barry Meisel and has full Meigray documentation.

2001-02 New Jersey Devils home jersey, set 2 The last jersey Beezer wore in a home game when he came out of retirement to play 5 games at the end of the 01-02 season. He was issued set 3 home and road jerseys for the playoffs but the Devils lost to the Hurricane in 6 games and Beezer never played. This jersey was worn on 2/27/02 in his first game out of retirement and 3/29/02, the last home game he played in. The jersey shows decent wear considering its limited usage, with several nice puck marks on the front and sleeves. The cuffs have been customized with elastic like all of his jerseys from the last 5 years or so of his career. This jersey came from Meigray and has full team documentation.

2001-02 New Jersey Devils road jersey, set 3 The last road jersey ever put on by Vanbiesbrouck. He wore this road jersey while backing up Brodeur in the Devils 6 game loss to the Hurricanes. The jersye shows very light were, with evidence of being washed a few times and a little bit of warmup and bench wear. The cuffs have been customized with elastic like all of his jerseys from the last 5 years or so of his career. This jersey came from Meigray and has full team documentation.

That's it for now, but please tell me if you have or know of any Beezer jerseys. Even if you aren't interested in trading or selling right now. Especially looking for older Rangers, a Panthers home, and an Islanders home. If you know how to get the Panthers home jersey with the 5th anniversary patch out of the Hall of Fame, let me know. Email is Thanks.

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